1. Unknown - Comptine d'Un

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    I don’t know why but i feel like this melody describes exactly how i feel about the end of legend of korra


    1. Legend of Korra s1: that was disappointing
    2. Legend of Korra s2: wow that wasn't that bad
    3. Legend of Korra s3: LEGEND OF KORRA IS MY LIFEBLOOD

  2. illion - GASSHOW

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    (I decided to start posting individual songs here, for when I’m too lazy to write a full album review. Which would be…most of the time.)

    illion is the alter-ego of RADWIMPS vocalist/guitarist, Yojiro Noda. I’ve always had a soft spot for songs incorporating chants and traditional asian instrumentation, and this song is perfect in that regard. Try it out!

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    i don’t want to live in a world where i’m not allowed to enjoy both Shakespeare and Ke$ha.

    Wake up in the mornin’ feel quite Hamlet-y

    Grab my skull, I’m out the door, I’m gonna act real shitty

    Before I leave, overthink if I’m on the right track

    Cuz if I kill my uncle tonight, he ain’t comin back

    I’m talkin trying to kill my foe foe
    But instead kill everyone I know know
    9 deaths in a row row

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  4. tawghasa:



    if magikarp can do nothing and then suddenly grow up to be really useful then so can i


    That picture in  amazing. Thank you so much for sharing it.

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  6. lotsofdisney:

    Disney Heroines and lines from “Let It Go”

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  8. rinface:

    Facial and Ear piercing Diagrams

    Just incase anyone out there was looking for them.

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  9. lulz-time:

    A short story of a college students life

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